Keynotes 2021

Wednesday, October 13

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The Power of Your Voice
Authenticity, Self-Awareness, Influence
Igniting the Power of Your Voice to Elevate your Career

This presentation is designed to inspire and teach individuals the importance of bringing your authentic self to work. Through a high-energy, interactive and thought-provoking session award-winning author, motivational speaker, career consultant Kaplan Mobray will highlight the positive impact of authenticity, confidence, and self-awareness and share insights on how to embrace these attributes to elevate your career and leadership influence. When you embrace your uniqueness, you hold yourself accountable for being your best you. You create the power to be celebrated not tolerated. And when this happens you gain the respect of others as you develop the confidence to elevate your work performance. Participants will walk away inspired to make the connection between their strengths, skills and authentic self as they celebrate the power that comes from their difference. Described as a life-changing event, this interactive, insightful, and engaging presentation and workshop teaches attendees and leaders how to harness the power of inclusion to increase emotional intelligence, cognitive and compassionate empathy, and engagement and propel your teams to new levels of success.

Kaplan Mobray


Kaplan Mobray is one of the world’s most dynamic and inspirational business speakers and best-selling author of “The 10Ks of Personal Branding”.  An innovative mastermind, Kaplan has inspired and transformed countless lives through his insightful and groundbreaking approach to personal branding and leadership development.  Kaplan inspires audiences with practical strategies, “ah-ha moments”, that powerfully create real results to immediately elevate one’s career and improve one’s life.   


A highly sought after, vibrant and energetic speaker, professional musician, and entrepreneur Kaplan Mobray learned early in his career that “to master quality of life you must first master quality of effort”.  He uses this personal philosophy to develop his extraordinarily creative insights and unique presentation content.  Wharton-educated, Kaplan draws from his over 15 years of corporate experience as a successful business executive where he led corporate marketing, advertising, and brand development initiatives for Fortune 500 companies.  Through his unconventional and innovative presentation style he teaches organizations how to transform their business, increase their brand reputation and motivates individuals to become effective leaders at all levels.


Kaplan has received worldwide acclaim and numerous awards for his leadership and branding insights.  He has been featured on CNN, FOX, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age and shared his message to NFL players at Super Bowls forty-four and forty-five.  Through his latest venture Kaplan is revolutionizing high performance online learning with his virtual interactive Kaplan Mobray Leadership Institute.  All of his innovative presentations have been described as life changing events.  

Thursday, October 14

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Making Employee Engagement Actually Happen

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We hear the term "employee engagement" a lot these days; we also hear how recognition, goal alignment and a clear path to success can create it. But how can an individual positively influence the opinions his or her employees and coworkers have about their job? This highly entertaining session, backed by Evolve Performance Group research across 46 countries (and combined with over 70 years of Gallup survey data) shows that the thing people value most is feeling valuable! It gives the specific communication tools that anyone can use to dramatically reduce resistance to change, difficult behavior and employee turnover. The impact of this program reaches far beyond the session itself, creating an emotional shift that fuels immediate implementation.

Garrison Wynn


With talents that established him as a Fortune 500 leader and professional stand-up comedian, Garrison Wynn, CSP, fuses comic timing and research to deliver motivational business expertise. For 20 years, he has given keynote presentations to clients (such as American Express, Wells Fargo, Oracle and NASA) at corporate and association events. He is the author of the Amazon bestseller The Real Truth about Success, the Amazon #1 bestseller The Cowbell Principle, has been a weekly contributor to the Washington Post and featured Forbes and Inc. Magazines. In his teens he debuted the world’s first video gaming system (Odyssey) with baseball legend Hank Aaron and as a young man spent 6 years touring comedy clubs with the top names in the business. He went on to become the youngest department head in a Fortune 500 company’s history where he researched and designed processes for 38 company locations nationwide and developed & marketed products still being sold in 30 countries.


Friday, October 15

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The Little Things Matter

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Learn how a magician starts with an impossible goal and works backwards to find solutions.

Professional magician, comedian, author, and motivational speaker Mark Robinson reveals this, along with audience interactive examples of how easily we are distracted from what we should be focused on. Learn how important the "little things" are to someone's impression of your competency, and how to create "wow" moments for people.

Mark Robinson


Mark Robinson is an award-winning magician, but he is more. He’s also a comedian, author and speaker, making him one of the most versatile entertainers in the industry.

After receiving a university degree in speech communication, he spent nine years in a sales career before starting his own company, Best Motivational Speakers,

an agency that specializes in entertainment-based motivational speakers. 

His hilarious stand up comedy has garnered him rave reviews at comedy clubs and an invitation to open for comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Mark Robinson’s amazing illusions have won him multiple awards from the magic community and his public speaking talents have been sought after by such companies as Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, and AFLAC.

As a close up magician, Mark is second to none. His talents are widely recognized in the magic community. Mark has magically appeared cars and boats for corporate clients, performed NBA halftime shows, toured in theaters across China, appeared in TV commercials and been the opening act for numerous celebrities. 

Mark Robinson has performed hundreds of magic, illusion, and variety shows for over a quarter million people! He has filmed national television commercials and appeared in television shows for NBC and Warner Brothers.