Getting Around Seattle



Central Link light rail 
Central Link light rail is the cheapest way to get around in Seattle. One way fares are $3 for adults (19-64) and $1 for adults that are older or have any disabilities. Round-trip fares are double the one-way fare. You must pay before you ride. You're able to buy a ticket from the ticket vending machine, where they take cash or card.  If you plan on using the Central Link light rail a few times, it might be best to buy a reuable ORCA card for $5 and put money on it. You may also purchases a Regional Day Pass, where it is $8 for adults 19-64 and $4 for seniors or anyone with disabilities. These cards can also be used on streetcars and buses This provides unlimited daily rides when the one-way fare is less than $3.50. The Central Link light rail operates 365 days a year and generally opens on weekdays from 5am to 1 am. Saturdays are 5am to 12:am and Sunday's are 5am to midnight. The ride is very pleasant and there's plenty of room for your luggage!

Seattle Street Cars

There are two Street Cars in Seattle. The South Lake Union, which connects the South Lake Union to downtown Seattle. It's 1.3 miles with nine stops. Where you can shop Seattle's marvelous shops and eat at one of a kind restaurants. You also get to stop at Lake Union's 12 acre waterfront park. The South Lake Union is open 7 days a week. From Monday through Thursday it's open 6am-9pm. Then, on Friday and Saturday it's open from 6am-11pm. Lastly, on Sunday it's open from 10am-7pm. The second street car is First Hill. The route for First Hill consist of 10 stops within 2.5 miles. It is also open 7 days a week. Monday- Saturday it's open from 5am-1am. Then, on Sunday it's open 10am-8pm. For more infomation you can check out



Street parking in New Orleans is limited and dso we strongly recommend that you download the Parkmobile app to reserve parking in advance. You can pay directly from your phone for reserved parking and you can also extend your parking time to avoid any parking fees. When your parking time is almost up the app will notify you. If you cannot remember where you parked, the app will locate your car and direct you towards it.


Taxis and Rideshare

A cab ride costs about $47 from the airport to Westin Seattle depending on traffic. Pick-up is on the 3rd floor of the parking garage on the north and south curb.. (Prices are subject to change, but are regulated by the city.) If you have trouble naviagating to the taxi pick up location, the airport does provide a intereactive map. Just go to Rideshare is currently not an option in Seattle due to Covid-19. 


Seattle Center Monorail 

The well known Seattle Center Monorai travels between Westlake Center located downtown and the Seattle Center located at the base of Queen Anne hill. It is active 7 days a week. Monday through Friday you are able to ride it from 8:30am to 11pm. Then, Saturday and Sunday you it's avaliable 


Bikes Sharing

Seattle is a bike-friendly city. It's simple to rent one of their bikes! You can use your Uber app and select the Bike option from the top menu to reserve a nearby JUMP bike. The bikes are dockless and have an electric assist that goes up to 15mph. They are free to unlock, but they do charge $0.15 per minute. Another bike sharing service in Seattle is Lime. Lime offers e-assist and pedal bike options . To ride a Lime you must download their app and scan the QR code. Lime does cost $1 to unlock and the rates vary per minute. 


Walking is another way to get around Seattle. The streets of Seattle's slopes vary from almost flat to very steep. To help their citizens and tourist, Seattle has designed a walking map. It is divided into three sections; north, central, and south. The maps includes routes of sidewalks, shoulders on quiet streets, as well as park trails. To get access to these maps, go to

Navigating Seattle

If you’re staying in the French Quarter, Downtown or in the Arts/Warehouse District, you may never need to hire transportation of any kind - you may be able to walk to all of your destinations. Still, New Orleans’ streetcar system is a charming way to explore the city, and you can easily rent bikes, hop a bus, take a ferry, or call a pedicab, a taxi or a limo service whenever you need to. Plus, you'll be able to access all the diverse neighborhoods New Orleans has to offer.

There are several ways to travel to and from the terminals, and all over the Seattle once you’ve arrived.


$4.00 off per person roundtrip will be provided for shared ride shuttle reservations made online with AirportShuttle. You will need to book your reservations online here

There are a few simple rules—

  • In order to be able to book travel online you must book at least 24 hours prior to your flight arrival time.

  • You can both make and change your existing reservation online.

  • The discount only applies to reservations made through this web portal — if not the discount doesn’t apply.

  • Click here for an information sheet/map of their airport locations. 


Seattle- Tacoma International Airport also referred to as Sea- Tac Airport, is the primary gateway to Seattle. Legendary for its coffee culter, parks, and great markets.

Transportation from the airport to the Westin Seattle hotel can be done through the Seattle Center Monorail Tram (41 minute travel time). You can also use Uber and Lyft. To get to pick up you must head towards the sky bridges (halfway between the top and baggage floors of the main terminal). Once you're in the parking garage, you'll go down to the third floor and find row i. That is where Rideshare/TNC pickup zone is, which is where your Uber/Lyfe will pick you up. 

Airline Discounts

Alaska Airlines: The Discount Code: ECMC416. To use, go online to and input the Discount Code when searching for flights. The discount will be applied to any flights meeting the contract parameters. By clicking the “?” next to the discount code box after entering the code you may view a detailed description of the rules. You may also use the Discount Code by calling Alaska Airlines Group Desk; however, a $15.00 per person ticketing fee will apply.

Southwest Airlines: Beginning on May 1st, 2019 AASPA conference attendees will receive a discount on airfare and 50% bonus Rapid Reward points from Southwest Airlines when traveling to and from New Orleans. Book your travel between October 5th and October 13th, to take advantage of the discounted rates. Go to to book your travel and enter Corporate ID: 99631744.

United Airlines: Book online at or call United Reservations Meetings Desk at 800-426-1122 and provide the Z Code: ZGUT and the Agreement Code: 960683 to receive a discount of 2%-10% depending on the fare type.


If you need help getting from point A to point B, all maps are easily accessible using the RTA GoMobile app where you can find the next bus stop and street car closest to you.

Visit to find the map you are looking for!


The Pacific Northwest city, Seattle is known for it's amazing sights. The best way to experience all the astounding views is with guided tours. 


They offer standard-type tours (food, boats, and shuttle tours); as well as tours  that you won’t get to do anywhere else. Seattle is for everyone- especially people with special interests in the city, as well as for returning visitors who want to dig deeper into the sights of the city.

***Underground tour near hotel- contact and see if we can do discount for the attendee**

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