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At AASPA's 85  
Annual Conference

October 3-6, 2023
 Anaheim, California


As a city built on imagination, Anaheim is where all of your inner enthusiasts can have their day. Visit Anaheim and discover an atmosphere where hip hangouts and hidden gems inspire animated attitudes from visitors and locals alike. From the magic of Main Street to a collection of one-of-a-kind flavors, scenes, sights, and sounds—we invite you to experience the authenticity of all things Anaheim and come hang with us. 


Drive Anaheim

Rent an electric or gas car in Anaheim from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and other providers!


Uber is another great and convenient way to get around the city! If you do not already have an Uber account, you will need to simply sign up and download the app. Once the app is downloaded you can begin requesting rides. Numerous car options will be available.

The fee is already listed upon requesting the trip. Your card is on the app and will automatically pay.  You will have the option to tip your driver as well.

Lyft also provides rides in the touch of a button. You can either download the app and create an account or go to Lyft's website to order the ride. It's that simple! Lyft has a variety of transportation options. Not only do they have cars for you but they also offer bikes, scooters and public transit. We recommend keeping your phone near you as Lyft will send you texts with updates on your ride. ​

AASPA does not provide transportation to the conference. 


When you want to travel to Anaheim, California, you can't get any more convenient than John Wayne Airport-Orange County (SNA). A mere 20 minutes from Anaheim, this airport gets you closest to all the great things to do in the city, whether you're going to the Disneyland® Resort, heading to the beach, or an event at the Anaheim Convention Center.​

John Wayne Airport- Orange County (SNA) offers flights to more than 20 nonstop destinations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and with more than 250 arrivals and departures each day, it serves an average of 868,630 passengers each month.

If you’re visiting Anaheim and flying into John Wayne Airport, Orange County, there are several options for reaching your destination, including Rental Cars, Shuttles, Taxis, Limousines, and Ride App (Uber/Lyft/Wings) companies. Most transportation services pick up travelers in the Ground Transportation Center (GTC) located on the Arrival (lower) Level between the A2 and B2 parking structures. It is within easy walking distance from all baggage claim areas.


All around Anaheim, a convenient and cost-effective network of public transportation can be found. Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) connects all the major destinations within and around Anaheim with their three affordable services, ART - Anaheim Regional Transportation (public bus service), FRAN - Free Rides Around the Neighborhood (Micro-transit in Center City), and EVE - Everyone Ventures Everywhere (Orange County Airport Service). All ATN services connect and can get you all around Anaheim with just one app, A-Way WeGo! 

Anaheim Transportation Network also developed a friendly ― and free ― transportation system with frequent stops at Center Street, Farmer’s Park, the Packing House and more. Free Rides Around the Neighborhood (FRAN) uses energy-efficient vehicles to cover key areas of Anaheim. Download the A-Way WeGo App and request your free ride to anywhere you want to go around the Anaheim Packing District. 

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