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You know that massive school-supply list you get every year? Families spend a lot of time and money gathering all those pencils, pens and notebooks at back-to-school time. Now, imagine what it is like for a family who can’t afford everything on the school-supply list, or for kids who are homeless or out of school because of an illness. That simple (but long) list can become overwhelming and even burdensome. Here’s the great news: You can help make a difference – with pencils, pens and notebooks!

Join us at conference to help pack 1500 bags for students in need and ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed in the classroom.  

PAWS Wish List:

  • Kitten Food (canned Fancy Feast)

  • Kitten Formula

  • Surgical Gloves

  • Post-Surgical Cones

  • Leaches

  • Litter Boxes

  • Kitty Litter (non-clumping)

  • Dog Food

  • Cat & Dog Treats

  • Dog & Cat Beds

  • Cat & Dog Toys

  • Towels

  • Blankets

  • Printer Paper

  • Cash


The mission of Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is to rescue homeless and unwanted companion animals through sheltering and adoption into responsible, loving homes, while advancing community education and services to ensure responsible pet ownership, so that in the future companion animals are no longer in need of being rescued.

PAWS vision is to be a leading expert in the field of animal welfare so that our community and its animals are served through compassion and diligence. We envision a future where the overpopulation of homeless companion animals is eliminated and every adoptable animal is a valued member of a responsible home.